Behavioural Economics and Policy for Pandemics

Book edited by Joan Costa-Font, Matteo M. Galizzi: “Behavioural economics and behavioural public policy have been fundamental parts of governmental responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was not only the case at the beginning of the pandemic as governments pondered how to get people to follow restrictions, but also during delivery of the vaccination programme. Behavioural Economics and Policy for Pandemics brings together a world-class line-up of experts to examine the successes and failures of behavioural economics and policy in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. It documents how people changed their behaviours and use of health care and discusses what we can learn in terms of addressing future pandemics. Featuring high-profile behavioural economists such as George Loewenstein, this book uniquely uncovers behavioural regularities that emerge in the different waves of COVID-19 and documents how pandemics change our lives.

  • Provides a selection of studies featuring behavoural regulaltities during COVID-19
  • Unique in that it brings together works from health economics and behavioural science that neither journals or other books do
  • Offers the first book on the behavioural economics of pandemics
  • Brings together works of behavoural scientists and the economists examining health behaviours on the effects of COVID-19 on health and health care…(More)”.

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