Data Science for Social Impact in Higher Education:  First Steps playbook: “… was designed to help you expand opportunities for social impact data science learning. As you browse, you will see a range of these opportunities including courses, modules for other courses, research and internship opportunities, and a variety of events and activities. The playbook also offers lessons learned to guide you through your process. Additionally, the Playbook includes profiles of students who have engaged in data science for social impact, guidance for engaging partners, and additional resources relating to evaluation and courses. We hope that this playbook will inspire and support your efforts to bring social impact data science to your institutions…

As you look at the range of ways you might bring data science for social impact to your students, remember that the intention is not for you to replicate what is here, but rather adapt them to your local contexts and conditions. You might draw pieces from several activities and combine them to create a customized strategy that works for you. Consider the assets you have around you and how you might be able to leverage them. At the same time, imagine how some of the lessons learned might reflect barriers you might face, as well. Most importantly, know that it is possible for you to create data science for social impact at your institution to bring benefit to your students and society…(More)”.

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