Designing for AI Transparency in Public Services: A User-Centred Study of Citizens’ Preferences

Paper by Stefan Schmager, Samrat Gupta, Ilias Pappas & Polyxeni Vassilakopoulou: “Enhancing transparency in AI enabled public services has the potential to improve their adoption and service delivery. Hence, it is important to identify effective design strategies for AI transparency in public services. To this end, we conduct this empirical qualitative study providing insights for responsible deployment of AI in practice by public organizations. We design an interactive prototype for a Norwegian public welfare service organization which aims to use AI to support sick leaves related services. Qualitative analysis of citizens’ data collected through survey, think-aloud interactions with the prototype, and open-ended questions revealed three key themes related to: articulating information in written form, representing information in graphical form, and establishing the appropriate level of information detail for improving AI transparency in public service delivery. This study advances research pertaining to design of public service portals and has implications for AI implementation in the public sector…(More)”.

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