The State of Open Data 2023

Report by Springer Nature, Digital Science and Figshare: “The 2023 survey showed that the key motivations for researchers to share their data remain very similar to previous years, with full citation of research papers or a data citation ranking highly. 89% of respondents also said they make their data available publicly, however almost three quarters of respondents had never received support with planning, managing or sharing research data.

One size does not fit all: Variations in responses from different areas of expertise and geographies highlight a need for a more nuanced approach to research data management support globally. For example, 64% of respondents supported the idea of a national mandate for making research data openly available, with Indian and German respondents more likely to support this idea (both 71%).

Credit is an ongoing issue: For eight years running, our survey has revealed a recurring concern among researchers: the perception that they don’t receive sufficient recognition for openly sharing their data. 60% of respondents said they receive too little credit for sharing their data.

AI awareness hasn’t translated to action: For the first time, this year we asked survey respondents to indicate if they were using ChatGPT or similar AI tools for data collection, data processing and metadata collection. The most common response to all three questions was ‘I’m aware of these tools but haven’t considered it.’..(More)”.

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